Environmental Accounting

KOKUSAI ELECTRIC practices environmental accounting in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment’s Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005. Environmental conservation costs consist mainly of business site area costs to reduce the environmental impacts of business activities and management activity costs to indirectly contribute to reducing environmental impacts resulting from business activities.

Environmental conservation costs have increased overall compared to last year: business site area costs have risen due to an increase in equipment maintenance costs and other expenses, management activity costs have risen due to an increase in environmental management system costs and other expenses, and R&D costs have risen due to new R&D expenses for research maintenance products. Investment in environmental conservation has increased considerably due to factors such as upgrading air conditioners to save energy and installing new solar panels to curb global warming. Environmental conservation effects were slightly higher than last year due to profits on sales from recycling and reducing costs thanks to energy-efficient capital investment. We are working to improve ROI in light of these results.

  • Applicable period: April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022

  • Scope of calculation: KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION

Environmental Conservation Costs

Expenses (in ¥1 million)

Category Fiscal year Description
2019 2020 2021
Business site area costs 332.8 372.2 393.5 Maintenance costs and depreciation expenses for equipment with reduced environmental impact, etc.
Up/downstream costs 0.0 0.0 0.0 Green procurement and recycling expenses
Management activity costs 39.5 44.3 48.9 Environmental management labor costs and environmental management system costs
R&D costs 0.0 0.0 15.6 R&D and product design costs to mitigate the environmental impacts of products and manufacturing processes
Social activity costs 0.0 0.0 0.1 Environmental improvements such as greening and beautification, and public and media relations costs
Environmental damage costs 0.0 0.0 0.0 Environmental measures and donation surcharges
Total 372.3 416.6 458.1

Investments (in ¥1 million)

Category Fiscal year Description
2019 2020 2021
Investments in environmental conservation 77.6 58.4 255.1 Investments in equipment to directly mitigate environmental impacts, such as energy-efficient equipment

Environmental Conservation Effects

Economic impact (in ¥1 million)

Category Fiscal year Description
2019 2020 2021
Net income 13.5 20.9 17.5 Profit on sales from waste recycling, etc.
Cost reduction 1.7 7.4 11.8 Reduction of costs from energy-efficient equipment, etc.
Total 15.2 28.3 29.3

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