Environmental Issues

Formulated on December 1, 2022, the KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Way lays out challenges that we need to address, such as working to reduce environmental impacts and solve environmental problems, addressing climate change across the entire supply chain, and using resources effectively. 

The Group has reevaluated its mission to protect the environment in terms of how we should contribute to solving the many environmental problems across the globe. 
We will identify environmental challenges that need to be addressed by delving deeply into the risks and opportunities for the Group based on the SDGs*1, and translate them into environmental action plans to drive activities.

Environmental Challenges

Specific efforts

Development of environmentally friendly products

  • Reduction of CO₂ from products

  • Environmentally friendly design

  • Legal compliance with product chemical regulations, etc.

Reduction of GHG emissions

  • Disclosure based on TCFD*2 recommendations

  • Improvements based on CDP*3 assessment results

Comprehensive energy management

  • Increase in procurement of renewable energy

  • Reduction of energy use intensity

  • Acceleration of implementing energy-efficient equipment

Comprehensive management of waste and harmful substances

  • Increase in waste generation intensity improvement rate

  • Compliance with chemical regulations

Comprehensive management of water and wastewater

  • Increase in water use intensity improvement rate

  • Water quality management and compliance for business site wastewater

Strengthening of supply chain management

  • Revision of Green Procurement Guideline, etc.

  • Asking suppliers for their continued cooperation through business partner meetings, etc.


Sustainable Development Goals


Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures


Former Carbon Disclosure Project

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