Core Businesses of the Group

The Group consists of KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION and six other companies. Our core businesses are development, manufacturing, sales, and installation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and services such as maintenance, repair, and parts sales of said equipment. 

Deposition Process Equipment

Deposition process equipment forms thin film, such as polysilicon and insulating film, to be used as material for circuits when forming electronic circuits on wafers. The deposition process plays an important role in creating circuits on wafers, so advanced technology and highly reliable products are essential for equipment. Our batch deposition systems — the Group’s flagship products — have earned high acclaim from semiconductor device manufacturers worldwide and boast among the highest share in the world.   

Batch ALD technology that achieves both highly difficult deposition and high productivity

Due to semiconductor devices becoming three-dimensional and more minute in size, in recent years their structure has become deeper, narrower, and more complex and the surface area needed for deposition has increased. This has driven demand for more difficult, high-quality deposition. Our solution to this problem is batch ALD technology.

Batch ALD* technology combines two technologies: ALD technology that enables uniform deposition of high-quality film with outstanding step coverage, and batch deposition technology that enables deposition on multiple wafers at once. It is logical solution that balances highly difficult deposition with high productivity.


We refer to a technique for thin-film deposition at an atomic layer level involving a process of cyclical supply of multiple gases as “ALD”.

Treatment (Film Property Improvement) Process Equipment

Treatment (Film Property Improvement) process equipment improves film properties by removing impurities in the film and stabilizing particles with plasma and heat after deposition. As demand for deposition in low-temperature environments has grown due to more minute and complex semiconductor devices, recently demand for the technology has increased as a solution for maintaining film quality even in low temperature environments. 

Technology that removes impurities in film and arranges atoms that form thin film


We offer after-sales services for semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufactured and sold by the Group. 

Semiconductor production plants operate semiconductor manufacturing equipment year round. We offer not only highly durable products, but also after-sales services that include product maintenance and repair, parts sales, and moving and modifying equipment. We also sell used equipment, and have established a training center to teach customers how to maintain and operate equipment to ensure the semiconductor manufacturing equipment we make is used most efficiently and correctly. 

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