Environmental Policy

"Protecting our beautiful environment to pass our irreplaceable earth on to the next generation"

In line with this slogan, in order to realize an environmentally harmonious and sustainable society through products and services, we are committed to providing products and services by aiming at reducing the emvironmental impacts throughout their entire life cycle on the lush natural enviroment under Mount Tsurugi.

We promote the following activities in line with the policy.


Continuously improve the Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance.


Comply with environmental laws and regulations, self-established standards, and other requirements we have voluntarily decided to meet, and commit to prevent environmental pollution.


Set environmental objectives and targets to achieve the Environmental Policy, and ensure environmental management is practiced by all employees.
Environmental objectives and targets are reevaluated each year.


Carry out the following key environmental conservation activities.

(1) Promote of Design for Environment for products and green procurement.

(2) Reduce the generation of waste and comprehensively separate trash to promote use of sustainable and efficient use of resources.

(3) Strive to reduce energy consumption, including electrical power, to mitigate and adapt to climate change and prevent global warming.

(4) Strive to properly manage chemical substances to protect biodiversity and ecosystems and prevent environmental pollution.

(5) Strive to protect the environment from wastewater through the efficient use of water and reduction of water consumption.

September 20, 2022
Masayuki Yamada, Environmental Supervisor

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