Human Resouces Management

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

The environment surrounding companies in Japan continues to see dramatic changes, including the rapid decrease in the birthrate, increase in the aged population, and unpredictable business environment. In order for the KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group to sustainably grow and develop, we need to create new value by leveraging the diversity of each and every employee, demonstrate leadership, and work together as a team. And to advance boldly in the global arena, we will respect and make full use of the diversity of employees with different backgrounds, perspectives, and values—regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or nationality— and encourage employees with different perspectives to learn from one another, and translate that into corporate growth. In this way we will cultivate an environment where motivated employees can enjoy taking on challenges and become increasingly successful on the global stage.

Accelerating Employment of Diverse Human Resources

We actively hire experienced people with extensive expertise, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or nationality, to ensure we can keep up changes in the unpredictable business environment. We will enhance new employee training to ensure experienced hires can immediately play an active role, and provide them continuous training at regular intervals afterward to instill understanding of our corporate culture and build a network of experienced hires.

Efforts to Promote Female Empowerment in the Workplace

Our basic policy is to promote the active participation of people in the workplace without gender bias. We will hire employees representing different backgrounds, perspectives, and values without discriminating, and take full advantage of diversity to contribute to the growth of the company.  As part of our affirmative action initiatives for women, we have formulated an action plan, actively hire women, have signed the Women's Empowerment Principles,* and provide opportunities for women to think about their careers through internal and external discussion. Going forward we plan to present a wide range of career models to support and promote individual careers.


Seven principles jointly created by the United Nations Global Compact and United Nations Development Fund for Women (currently “UN Women”).

Number of female managers (the Company, as of June 1 each year)

Initiatives for Persons with Disabilities

In order to create an inclusive society in which anyone can participate through work, we actively hire perons with disabilities and strive to improve our overall work environment and boost productivity. Based on the Act for the Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities and its subsequent partial revision, we have established a system for supporting employees with disabilities and their workplaces, creating a consultation counter for persons with disabilities to respond appropriately to their needs and concerns. The consultation counter responds to various inquiries from employees with disabilities and workplaces, and provides advice to workplaces in regard to reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.

"Tai-wa" with the Union

Maintaining a healthy and stable relationship is the cornerstone in advancing our company. We have entered into an agreement with the KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Labor Union, under which labor-management conferences are held regularly to discuss labor conditions and personnel systems. Through these conferences, labor and management work together to establish rules for the workplace and maintain and improve the workplace environment. The environment surrounding labor and management in Japan is undergoing dramatic changes, such as the rapid decrease in the birthrate, increase in the aged population, globalization of the economy, and the advancement of deregulation. In the spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation, we will work to rationally and peacefully solve problems through wide-ranging, voluntary dialogue.

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