Service Support

As semiconductor devices become more complex and minute, semiconductor manufacturing equipment becomes more difficult to maintain. The KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group offers stable supply of parts and expertise by engineers with extensive experience to ensure the semiconductor manufacturing equipment we produce and sell operates stably. And we provide more than just standard maintenance—we also offer solutions such as optimizing how to use the equipment and upgrading functions in line with customers' operational needs.

In addition to solutions for improving functions tailored to customer needs, such as replacing or upgrading discontinued parts and making renovations to improve productivity, we also sell used equipment.

Introduction of Our Service

Parts Centers

The KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group has parts centers around the world to ensure you can use our equipment worry free. In ordinary times we ship spare parts from the parts centers located in each country, and in emergencies we ship them from our global centers located in Japan and other regions, thereby ensuring our equipment operates stably. We also offer package plans that combine parts and a warranty service for customers requiring more stable operation of equipment.

  • On-site inventory agreement

  • PM parts inventory agreement (PM replacement parts including silica)

  • BCP inventory agreement

  • OTD (On-Time Delivery) guarantee inventory agreement

Maintenance Service

  • Availability guarantee service

In order to ensure the availability customers seek, we offer total support that includes stable parts supply, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

  • Full-time engineer service

We have full-time engineers to provide all-round service that includes maintenance and problem-solving.

  • On-call service

As soon as we get a call—no matter what time it is—experienced engineers will rush out to respond. 

  • Remote service

We can provide expertise via wearable cameras and a telecontrol system, and also offer data analysis service. 

  • Expert dispatch service

When prolonged downtime occurs, we will send out experts to help.

Regular Maintenance

As semiconductor devices become more complex and minute, equipment becomes more difficult to maintain. The KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group’s experienced engineers provide high-quality, fast maintenance service. Useful PM kit (includes silica and consumables) and regular maintenance (e.g. once per year) package options are also available.

Solutions for Stable Operation of Equipment

We offer solutions on optimizing how to use equipment tailored to customers' operational needs. We can also provide services that leverage data analysis tools to minimize mechanical differences between equipment. 

Solutions for Upgrading and Modifying Equipment

Upgrade kit
  • Improve productivity

We can offer solutions to shorten deposition time or increase the number of wafers processed at a time, as well as other solutions such as maintenance-free kits.

  • Process alternation and modification

A wide range of film options are available.

  • Product protective functions

We offer functions that protect your valuable product wafers tailored to specific purposes.

  • Software

We provide software to increase its performance and user-friendliness by regular upgrades.

  • CoO reduction

We offer functions that can reduce running costs.

  • Energy saving

Optional environmentally friendly, low-energy functions are available. 

  • Solutions for customers concerned about earthquakes

We can offer solutions to change or modify parts to be earthquake-resistant or have base isolation features. 

Solutions for Discontinued Parts

We can offer alternative parts for some discontinued parts to ensure you can continue using equipment long after it is no longer available for sale or the maintenance period has ended.

  • Solutions for Replacement Parts

  • Sale of used parts

Renovation of Long-Used Equipment

We can renovate equipment that has been used for a long period of time, and replace and modify units with those equipped on cutting-edge equipment. We can also offer individualized renovation solutions tailored to your needs, so feel free to contact us. 

  • Restoration service to make equipment like brand new

  • Replacing controller series, etc. with the latest model

  • Upgrades to high-speed wafer transfer robots with product protective functions

Used tools

We carry a wide range of models and deposition process equipment.

  • We offer optimal used equipment with a short turnaround time in collaboration with our partners.

  • Our used equipment and services are reliable and stable thanks to manufacturer warranty.

  • We can also modify equipment to match the specs you need.

  • We offer a restoration service that replaces old units with new, equivalent ones.

Training Center

Regular full-time trainers prepare training schedules according to trainees' purposes and targeted skills. Curricular are made based on customers' circumstances, requested schedules or other requirements and the training is provided under the best environment.

Introduction of training

We offer combined training to ensure that you acquire the skills you need. Individual learning is possible according to each person's level and training time.


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