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Kokusai Electric Semiconductor Service Inc.

Mikro Sonic® Ultrasonic Transducer

Example of Mikro Sonic® fixed type transducer

Fixed type transducer Model

  • Lot of fixed type transducers corresponding to various wafer size and processing number of sheets is prepared. Consult to us.
  • 730 kHz and 1 MHz transducers are prepared immersed type transducer too. Consult to us.

Main specification

Main specification
Combination generator ※1 UO1200PMCX
Frequency 730kHz 1MHz
Piezo elements PZT
Solution temperature 15 to 70℃
Vibrating plate material SUS
Vibrating plate surface treatment #400 Buffed
Cover Material : SUS
Fixing bolts Material : SUS
Option Cover Structure Material
Sealing type SUS
Packing Material
Silicone rubber
Chloroprene rubber
Fluorine rubber
Nats, Spring washers, Plane washers ※2 Material: SUS

※1 Specify frequency when UO1200PMCX choice.
※2 Amount is different by model.
※ Mikro Sonic is registered trademark of Kokusai Electric Semiconductor Service Inc..
※ The GORE-TEX is registered trademark of W.L.Gore & Associates, Inc..