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How to use a quartz tank for Mikro Sonic®

When the cleaning bath uses quartz as inner tank, acoustic energy is able to propagate to inside of quartz tank efficiently by matching the wavelength of ultrasonic wave with thickness of the quartz tank bottom.

Optimum plate thickness of quartz tank for the Mikro Sonic®

Optimum plate thickness of quartz tank for the Mikro Sonic


Making resonance of plate with frequency which is suitable for plate thickness of quartz tank bottom to make better transmissivity of acoustic energy to quartz tank is necessary.
Tilt bottom surface of the tank to remove air bubble which attach to quartz tank bottom immediately, and to stabilize movement of transducer.
The transmission of the ultrasonic wave worsens when air bubble attaches to quartz tank bottom.
There is case that the movement becomes unstable by interference of reflection wave when transducer and tank bottom surface are parallel.
Make the quartz tank adopting optimum plate thickness for ultrasonic transmissivity.

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