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Kokusai Electric Semiconductor Service Inc.

Low Band Ultrasonic Series, Multi oscillation mode UO1200PD Series

Low Band Ultrasonic Series

Use for cleaning of

  • Crystalline silicon solar battery's ingot.
  • Hard disk drive parts.
  • After polishing of metal, ceramics and glass.
  • Final cleaning of jig for liquid crystal.
  • Nuclear plant maintenance.
  • Jig for semiconductor manufacture.

Five oscillation modes

Various cleaning is possible with one generator by strong cleaning, uniform cleaning and low damage cleaning with five kinds of oscillation modes.

Stable output power control

By incorporation of frequency automatic tracking function, it always supplies stable power for load changes which result from changing of liquid temperature, depth, cleaning fluid.

Adjustment free generator

Generator adjustment is unnecessary even if transducer of same specification exchange.

UO1200PD Series

UO1200PD Series
Model UO1200PD-26 UO1200PD-36 UO1200PD-A
Oscillation mode Single freq., SWEEP, FM, Single freq + AM, SWEEP + AM SWEEP, FM
Max. rating output power Single freq. SWEEP 1200 Watts
FM・AM 800 Watts(Average)
Output adjustment range Single freq. SWEEP 0 to 1200 Watts
FM・AM 0 to 800 Watts(Average)
Frequency Single frequency 26 kHz 36 kHz  
SWEEP, FM 26 kHz ± 2 kHz 36 kHz ± 2 kHz 46 kHz ± 2 kHz
Remote control Possible
Power supply ※1 Single phase AC200V ± 10% or AC220V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Current consumption 12A
Ambient temperature 5 to 40℃
Circumference humidity 10 to 80% RH(Without condensation)
External dimensions(mm) 320(W)× 164(H)× 440(D)
Mass 16kg or less

※1 The power supply voltage setting is performed in factory, so appoint it at the time of the purchase.