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Kokusai Electric Semiconductor Service Inc.

Resistivity Measurement System (Full-Auto Type) VR300DH1

Resistivity Measurement System (Full-Auto Type) VR300DH1



  • VR300DH1 is a full-auto type system for 300mm, and is the successor to VR300DSE.
  • This is a fully automatic four-probe measurement system that enables high-precision measurement of the resistivity and sheet resistance of conductive samples such as silicon wafers and magnetic thin plates using our core technology, the probe drive control system.


  • Probe drive control mechanism enables highly accurate measurement of ultra-thin films and ultra-shallow ion-implanted layers
  • Optimal probe drive can be set up by recipe
  • Reduction of CoO by increasing throughput
  • Supports 1 Load Port, Port is FOUP type
  • Equipped with an automatic conditioning function for probe needle tip (option)
  • Contour map of resistivity distribution, 3D map, etc. can be drawn
  • Improved operability with SEMI E95 compliant screen
  • Compatible with automation system for 300mm line (option)
  • Sheet resistance measurement after wafer thinning in the backside process of power devices (option)
  • Supports measurement range for low-resistance samples (option)


  • Materials related to silicon, polysilicon, etc.
  • Ion implantation, diffusion, metal film, etc.
  • Process evaluation after wafer thinning for power devices, etc.

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