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Kokusai Electric Semiconductor Service Inc.

Resistivity Measurement System (full automatic type) VR300DSE-2P



VR300DSE-2P is a full automatic type four-probe measurement System.
Thanks to our probe movement control systems, which is one of our core technologies, the System can measure a resistance and a sheet resistance of conductive samples such as silicon wafers, magnetic thin plates, etc. with a high degree of accuracy.


  • Probe movement control mechanisms measure very thin films and very shallow ion implantation layers keeping high accuracy.
  • Optimum prove movement can be set up with recipes.
  • Further enhanced high-throughput realizes reduction of CoO.
  • Available for two load ports.
  • An automatic conditioning function for a probe tip is available.
  • It is possible to make images such as contour maps or 3D maps to show resistance distribution.
  • Operability is upgraded because of screens compatible with SEMI E95.
  • Compatible with automated systems for 300mm lines.


  • Materials such as silicon, polysilicon, etc.
  • Ion implantation, diffusion, metal films, etc.

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