Quality Management

Pursuing Quality

In accordance with our "Quality Policy", we aim to realize a sustainable society in harmony with the environment and to gain the satisfaction and trust of our customers by establishing technologies that are useful in solving the issues faced by our business partners and society through technology and dialogue, and by providing top-level quality to support these technologies. To this end, we are working as one group to reform our business processes and the quality of our products and services.

Quality Policy

We have established a "Quality Policy" for the purpose of accurately identifying customer requirements and implementing quality assurance activities to achieve quality that satisfies our customers.

Quality Policy

The KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group aims to be the top company in customer satisfaction by developing and producing equipment that exceeds customers’ expectations and contributes to customers’ profits.


Achieve quality that earns customer trust and satisfaction.


Provide competitive products and services to our customers on time.

To this end, all employees shall perform their duties with sincerity, in accordance with the basics and ethics, and shall think and act on their own initiative from customers’ viewpoints and strive for continuous improvement.

Ensuring Quality

ISO 9001 Certification and Quality Management System

The KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group production sites have acquired ISO 9001 certification. We have built a quality management system based on a PDCA cycle using a process approach, and continuously make improvements. 

Activities to Maintain and Improve the Quality Management System

Quality Management System (QMS)

We strive to improve the quality of products and services by creating training programs to boost each employee’s quality assurance skills, carrying out company-wide activities to foster awareness on quality, and exchanging personnel involved in quality assurance and supporting their activities, which includes group companies and business partners.

Policy to Address Quality Problems

When a defect is discovered, we search thoroughly for the technological cause and the motivational factor that lies behind it, and work to prevent recurrence.

Moreover, we hold the Quality Meeting as necessary, where responsible departments report to management and relevant departments on measures to prevent recurrence, to disseminate information and improve quality, thereby improving technology and preventing quality problems.

Activities to Raise Quality Awareness

We created an e-learning program featuring case studies of quality problems, which is provided to all employees to share information and raise quality awareness.

In addition, every November is designated as “Quality Month,” a time when we focus on raising quality awareness throughout the company. Activities during Quality Month include display of examples of quality problems, distribution of messages on quality from departments, and display of quality slogans and senryu poems solicited from employees.

Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction (CS) Worldwide

We have been conducting an annual CS survey on our products and services covering customers worldwide, jointly with Group companies. After the responses are compiled and analyzed, the results are conveyed internally and shared with Group companies to make improvements and enhance customer satisfaction.

We strive to respond promptly to customer complaints and requests, analyze them, and share them internally.

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