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Offering a Poster Presentation at the Transducers 2023, an International Conference on MEMS Technology


June 23, 2023

KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION (President and CEO: Fumiyuki Kanai, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan) is pleased to announce that several of our employees and Tohoku University will give a joint poster presentation at Transducers 2023, which will take place in Kyoto from Sunday, June 25 to Thursday, June 29, 2023.

Transducers 2023 is one of the world’s largest international conferences on MEMS technology*. The poster presentation is entitled “Ultrathick low-stress poly-silicon film for MEMS prepared by LPCVD process.”

Overview of Transducers 2023


Sunday, June 25 to Thursday, June 29, 2023

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It stands for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, which are tiny integrated devices that combine both mechanical and electronic components on one printed circuit board.