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Awarded “10 BEST Suppliers” and “THE BEST Suppliers” in the TechInsights Customer Satisfaction Survey: “10 BEST Suppliers” Award Achieved for the 26th Consecutive Year


June, 23, 2023

KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION (President and CEO: Fumiyuki Kanai, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan) is pleased to announce that we have received two titles in the TechInsights 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey: the “10 BEST Suppliers” and “THE BEST Suppliers” awards. TechInsights Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “TechInsights”), which conducted this survey, is engaged in consulting on technology and intellectual property in the microelectronics industry. The “10 BEST Suppliers” awards*1 acknowledge the top 10 semiconductor production equipment suppliers highly rated by their customers, and “THE BEST Suppliers” awards*2 pay tribute to outstanding semiconductor production equipment suppliers categorized by product type. We are proud to have won the “10 BEST Suppliers” award for the 26th consecutive year.

This year’s TechInsights Customer Satisfaction Survey received 25,489 responses, representing over 60% of the chip market and 66% of the subsystem customers. Participants were asked to rate equipment suppliers based on three key factors: supplier performance, customer service, and product performance.  Our group has been highly rated for exceptional product performance and uptime, which has secured our position as one of “THE BEST Suppliers.” By delivering excellent product performance and uptime tailored to customer requirements, we have significantly contributed to enhancing productivity, culminating in this award.

Based on our corporate slogan “Technology & Tai-wa for Tomorrow,” we will continue to pursue economic value and environmental and social values from both business and ESG initiatives (resolution of environmental and social issues and strengthening of governance) perspectives, thereby contributing to the achievement of the SDGs as well as achieving both a sustainable society and sustainable growth of our Group.


The “10 BEST Suppliers” awards acknowledge the top 10 semiconductor production equipment suppliers that have received high ratings from their customers, regardless of product type.


“THE BEST Suppliers” awards acknowledge semiconductor production equipment suppliers, categorized by product type such as production and test equipment, which have received high ratings from their customers.