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Participating in “MEMS Engineer FORUM 2023”


April 18, 2023

KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION (President and CEO: Fumiyuki Kanai, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan) is pleased to announce its participation in “MEMS Engineer FORUM 2023,” a two-day event scheduled from Wednesday, April 19 to Thursday, April 20, 2023, at KFC Hall in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

“MEMS Engineer FORUM 2023” is a unique occasion where engineers, among others, will look at the current MEMS technology*, considered a key technology of the 21st century, and the technology’s future over the next decade. In its 14th year, the forum will bring MEMS researchers, developers, and engineers from across the world. Symposiums and exhibitions will take place simultaneously. At our booth, we will exhibit our semiconductor manufacturing equipment and MEMS, and present panel displays of our deposition technologies for censors. At the main venue, we will show videos explaining our business activities and ESG initiatives.

Under its corporate slogan, “Technology & Tai-wa for Tomorrow,” the KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group will contribute to achieving the SDGs and balance between realizing a sustainable society and our group’s sustainable development by pursuing economic value and environmental and social value from both business and ESG (solving environmental and social issues, enhancing governance) perspectives.

MEMS Engineer FORUM 2023 Outline


Wednesday, April 19 to Thursday, April 20, 2023


KFC Hall (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)


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Abbreviation of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems: tiny integrated devices that combine both mechanical and electrical components devices on one printed circuit board.