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MARORA Single Wafer Plasma Nitridation / Oxidation System


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  • MARORA offers the best gate dielectric film solution for next generation advanced logic and memory devices. This tool uses a unique "modified magnetron typed (MMT)" plasma source. MMT technology produces both high density plasma and low electron temperature (<1eV) enabling a very uniform nitridation process free of plasma damage.

    *MARORA is a registered trademark of KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION.

    Process Applications
    Plasma Nitridation
    • Oxide Nitridation
    Plasma Oxidation
    • Gate Dielectric
    • Selective Oxidation
    • Anisotropic Oxidation


  • High Throughput: Doubled productivity compared with conventional solutions
  • MMT Plasma Source: Excellent uniformity and very low electron temperature plasma at wafer surface (–1eV)
  • Wide Process Temperature Range: New high temperature heater
  • Expanded Process Applications: Selective oxidation (oxidize silicon without metal oxide formation)