Privacy Policy

KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group Privacy Policy

KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION and its group companies (hereinafter “Group”) have established the following Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) to protect personal information and ensure its proper circulation. In handling personal information, the Group shall comply with the Policy and any laws or regulations related to privacy of every country it operates in including Japan. The terms used in the Policy shall be in accordance with the definitions in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures, unless otherwise specified in the Policy. 

Name, Address, and Name of President of Company Handling Personal Information

5th floor, oak Kanda Kajicho (Bldg.), 3-4 Kanda Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0045, Japan
TEL. +81 (0)3-5297-8530

Purpose of Use

The Group shall collect personal information for the following purposes and only use it within that scope. The Group shall not use collected personal information for purposes other than those defined below without the person’s consent.


Conduct transactions and carry out related administrative operations, such as shipping products and providing services


Provide after-sales support services for products and services


Manage customer and product information


Communication related to administrative operations


Conduct promotional and marketing activities related to products and services


Properly perform outsourced administrative work


Hold events, distribute questionnaires, conduct surveys, etc.


Send out direct mail, letters, etc.


Hiring procedures of the Group


Respond to inquiries


Security measures such as security cameras


Provide to third parties as specified in the Policy

In addition to the above, personal information of shareholders of KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION may be collected and used for the following purposes.


Exercise rights and perform duties based on the Companies Act and other laws and regulations


Send out shareholder and investor information and various notifications


Provide benefits based on shareholders’ status


Operate and record shareholder meetings


Contact shareholders, which includes responding to inquiries

Third Party Provision

The Group may provide personal data to third parties without the prior consent of the person under the following conditions:


It is required by law


It is necessary to protect the life, body or assets of people and is difficult to obtain the consent of the person


It is necessary for the improvement of public health or the sound development of children and is difficult to obtain the consent of the person


It is necessary to cooperate with administrative operations specified by law and performed by a national or local government agency or organization contracted by said agency, and obtaining the consent of the person risks obstructing said operations

Outsourcing of Operations Related to Handling Personal Information

The Group may outsource operations related to the handling of personal data within the scope of the purpose of use defined in this Policy. When doing so, the Group shall carry out necessary and proper management through measures such as selecting an appropriate outsourcing service provider, entering into an agreement on the handling of personal information, and ascertaining whether said provider is performing the obligations defined in said agreement.

Matters Related to Joint Use

The Group shall jointly use personal data in accordance with the following provisions.


Personal information subject to joint use
Names of people, companies, places of business, and departments; positions, addresses, phone numbers, FAX numbers, email addresses, age, sex, career histories, shareholdings, passport numbers, nationalities, and still images and videos of faces and physical appearance


Scope of joint use
Group companies
Click on the link below for information about Group companies.


Purpose of use
Same as “Purpose of Use” above


Name, address, and name of head of party responsible for the management of personal information
Same as “Name, Address, and Name of President of Company Handling Personal Information” above

Personal Information Security Measures

The Group takes the following security measures related to personal data. In addition, it checks and reevaluates said security measures as needed, and strives to continuously improve them.


Formulation of basic policy
The Group shall formulate and comply with a Privacy Policy that applies to the entire Group.


Development of rules on the handling of personal data
The Group shall formulate and comply with internal rules to securely manage personal data, such as Personal Information Management Rules that lay out specific measures on handling personal data.


Organizational security measures
The Group shall create an information security management system to manage personal data in accordance with the above Personal Information Management Rules, and respond quickly and appropriately when something occurs or is suspected of occurring that is in violation of laws, regulations, or internal rules related to personal data.


Individual security measures
Executives and employees (e.g. executive officers, fellows, regular employees, part-time workers, reemployed retirees, temporary workers, and seconded employees) shall be provided with regular training to ensure personal data is handled properly in accordance with laws, regulations, and internal rules.


Physical security measures
Media on which personal data is stored shall be properly managed to prevent theft, loss, leaked contents, etc. In addition, when disposing of said media, measures shall be taken to ensure it cannot be read, played, scanned, etc.


Technological security measures
Personal data shall be managed appropriately and security measures such as limiting access shall be taken to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, unauthorized access, etc.


Ascertaining external environment
The Group shall be aware of systems on personal information outside Japan, and take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the security of personal data held by the Group accordingly.

Disclosure of personal data by person or their proxy

If the person, or their proxy, whose personal data is held by the Group, would like to request a notification of the purpose of use of said data, the disclosure, revision, addition, deletion, discontinuation of use, or erasure of said data, or the discontinuation of provision of said data to third parties; or request the disclosure of records of the provision of said data to third parties, they should use the contact form on the KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION website.

Handling of Individual Numbers and Specific Personal Information

The Group shall comply with laws and regulations on the handling of Individual Numbers and Specific Personal Information and other related laws, and take security measures accordingly.

Inquiries and Complaint Desk

Inquiries and complaints on the handling of personal information held by the Group should be directed to the contact form on the KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION website.

Relationship with Privacy Policies and Internal Rules Established by Group Companies

In the event Group companies have established individual privacy policies or internal rules on the handling of personal information, said privacy policies or internal rules shall take precedence over this Policy. However, this Policy shall be applied to matters not stated in said privacy policies or internal rules.


The Policy may be altered for reasons such as revisions of laws.