Corporate Philosophy

  • Corporate Slogan

    Technology & Tai-wa for Tomorrow

    “Tai-wa” means a dialog unique to the KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group.
    We value “Tai-wa” to solve problems together, as well as “Technology” centered on thin film deposition.

  • Corporate Statement

    The KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group strives to create value through technology and dialogue to realize a sustainable society that is safe, comfortable and vibrant.



    1. Striving for Social Issues
      By pursuing Monozukuri, the KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group creates value to contribute to the resolution of social issues jointly with customers.
    2. Optimization by Collaboration
      By collaborating with stakeholders, it develops and creates ecosystems as a world pioneer with the aim of creating an affluent and sustainable future.
    3. Human Assets
      It respects the diversity of its human resources and provides them with the opportunity and environment to enhance and perform their abilities.
    4. Basics and Ethics
      It respects human rights, observes laws and ethics and establishes a clean corporate culture that is admired by society.