Pursuing Quality

Customer First

We devote ourselves to Monozukuri on a customer-first principle and develop and provide products and services in which emphasis is placed on safety, quality, and environmental soundness, in order to earn the trust and confidence of our customers and society.

Providing Safe Products and Services

We comply not only with the Product Liability (PL) Law, domestic and international laws, and safety standards, but observe also internal standards for further safety in an attempt to improve the level of quality, thereby providing customers with safe and high-quality products and services.

Policy to Improve Quality

We are certified under ISO 9001 (quality management systems) at our production sites within and outside Japan and are continuously improving our quality management system by using the PDCA cycle in the process approach. We also promote an enhanced implementation of P-FMEA* as a measure to improve our quality of operation. We work to provide products and services which satisfies various requirements of our customers.

*P-FMEA (Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis): Method to improve production process through extracting the mode to cause each of the failures/mistakes over the entire process, evaluating the effect of the mode, and thereby designing the measures to prevent failures

Flows of Quality Improvements

Policy to Address Quality Problems

We conduct a series of review and recurrence prevention activities based on thinking and acting from the customer's point of view. These activities help us identify the direct technical causes of problems and the motivational problems that led to those causes and involve work to prevent recurrence and verify similar products in an attempt to prevent problems.

Efforts to Enhance the Global Network

We work to further improve the quality of products and services by exchanging personnel involved in quality assurance and supporting their activities across Group companies, including those outside Japan.